Breathe Like Your Life Depends on It (…it just might!)

When I ask clients why they overeat or otherwise stray from healthy habits, more often than not, they refer to various forms of stress in their lives. Work. Relationships. Finances. Family. Pretty much all major areas of our lives bring some level of stress. When I follow up with a question about how they relax, they usually wave off the notion of relaxation as something they simply do not have time for. Sadly, many of us believe that stress is just a natural part living in America today. Indeed, in the fast paced world of making sure the bills are paid, the kids are fed, and the home is kept up, relaxation has become, for many of us, a luxury at best and a guilty pleasure at worst. As a member of Middle Class America, I get it. However, if you would indulge me for just a moment, I would like to make a case for relaxation as a practice that can move us from just surviving to truly thriving.

Looking for a Few Good Women

For many of us, August brings long hot days, vacation time, and summer eats! If you’re like me, by August, you’ve attended a number of barbecues and other celebrations that are focused on food–and not always the healthiest foods! While there isn’t really a month that doesn’t give us an excuse to celebrate with food, by August, many of us are seeing some of those pounds come back on after our pre-swimsuit-slimdown in late spring. If we’re lucky, we’ve kept the weight off, but maybe we’ve strayed from some healthy habits. If you are ready to get into action and start to improve or start some healthy habits, please join me and a cohort of women who are also hoping to increase their health through the month of August!